Gecko photoshoot


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Had a massive gecko photo shoot the other day while the sun was still out and cooperating.
I got pictures of all of my breeders and current residents. I can't wait for my spring arrivals so I can have fun taking pictures of them.
I think they turned out well. I'm still experimenting, trying to get the best results. Some of the shots in direct sunlight yellowed some of the kids colors. Some of them just wouldn't fire up either. It seems like my cresties are easier to get to fire whereas the gargs are way more stubborn about it.
Without further ado, Here's the geckos:


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Gorgeous photos and of course Geckos Kelly! I wish I could get such high quality ones of my 3 babies. Or even have more babies :D

ADDITION: I am still in love with Orion, those colors are just stunning.


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I'm definitely excited for both my crested pairs and all of my gargoyle pairs this season. I have a few I'm waiting on to grow up and 4 new arrivals in the spring. I'm hoping to get some good looking kids coming soon. :)


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If I had the money, I would buy one from you (a baby that is). I'll have a spare enclosure once I get that exo-terra finished :)


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One of these days I am gonna come back to MI to finish my tattoos... When I do I'm gonna Geckonap some of your babies Kelly :nana:

Only joking of course. They are all beautiful and very photogenic. I am trying to convince my wife that a Gargoyle would be a great addition to our family. Showing her all of yours definitely helps :D


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I'll have some eggies cooking soon. If only Buttercup would lay them. She's so fat, she looks like she's gonna burst! She's the first gargoyle in the latest batch of photos. :)


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Here is my leo Citrine, named after a yellow gemstone, we named her before we found she was a Mack Snow.DSCF4841.jpg DSCF4832.jpg DSCF4834.jpg
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Thanks:biggrin: she is pretty young still and I don't know if she will lose spots, darken up, or lighten up, we'll just see what happens.


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I looooooove all the geckos, they are so amazing!!!!! all the colors and patterns are so stunning:biggrin: I have one leo right now, I have only had her for about 2 weeks and have fallen in love with any reptiles or amphibians.

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Thanks:biggrin: she is pretty young still and I don't know if she will lose spots, darken up, or lighten up, we'll just see what happens.

You're welcome! :biggrin:

I'd love to see month-to-month photos (on your thread) to see how Citrine's pattern changes over time.