How cannibalistic are adult williamsi?


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My female williamsi has laid and egg overnight, which is a good thing :)

Only problem is where she's decided to lay it - there's no way I can move it and no way I can protect it without breaking the egg (she's glued it to the glass and plant tag of a mounted orchid, so if I move the plant I'll break the egg and I can't get to the egg without moving the plant)

What I'm wondering is if it hatches in the tank what are the chances of it surviving long enough for me to get it out without it being eaten? I've read that the parents are usually fiercely cannibalistic

Hope someone can advise
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I'm just spitballing here, but if your tank isn't too big, perhaps you could remove the parents when you suspect that the egg is close to hatching.


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I have seen people put cups around/over the eggs to prevent the babies from hatching "into the viv." I will probably try this if I ever have this issue.


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OK - so I got my answer on this today! Poor junior in this case didn't even make it out of its shell before Mum had it for a snack! Fortunately I managed to catch the previous 2 'juniors' before Mum or Dad got to them and there's only 1 viable egg left in the tank, all the rest she's kindly laid in a film canister or removable bamboo for me!

I did manage to get a photo - you can see its leg and tail sticking out of her mouth (right in the middle of the photo)Cannibalistic wiliamsi!.jpg