Any electric blue day gecko owners/breeders? Have questions about care!


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So I've been wanting an electric blue day gecko for over 2 years now and as soon as I have space for another tank I want to get a single male. I will already have a tank for it, a zilla 12x12x15" terrarium with screen top and front door. I plan on using either eco earth, zoo med forest floor or bark chips for the substrate. What would be best? And do I need to use a layer of hydro balls? What exactly are springtails and where do I get them? I plan on using real wood decor including bamboo hides, cork bark branches, cork bark rounds, cork bark flats, and mopani wood. I also plan on using a mopani tree and I'm not a fan of real plants so I'll be using fake plants including a couple hanging plants, and silk plants with rock bases and a national geographic bromeliad plant. I will also have a few gecko ledges, 1 with a food and water bowl and the others just for basking spots. I do have more questions though. First thing is what should the temp at the top of the cage/baking spot be? What should the temp at the bottom and middle of the cage be? Do I need 3 digital thermometers for each area of the cage? What should the humidity remain at? For lighting I plan on using a zoo med mini double dome lamp. I'm assuming I use one side for a night time heat bulb and the other for a daytime/uvb bulb? What kind of bulbs work best for a small tank? Are there bulbs that provide uvb and enough heat for a basking spot? If so which ones? And last but not least, feeding questions. I plan on feeding repashy day gecko and pangea fruit mix complete daily. With occasional feedings of pinhead crickets and extra small pheonix worms. How often should I feed insects and how often should I dust the insects with my vitamin with d3 supplement? These are all the questions I have. Please if you own and/or breed these guys reply asap. Also if u can post pics of your L. Williamsi set ups that'd be great! Thanks in advance. Feel free to pm me as well!


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many of these don't have hard and fast answers. have you found any caresheets, or looked this up here on this site to see what different people have to say? this site really does have pretty good search functionality.


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You can get the details by searching the forums as well as googling "L. williamsi care". Check out
In a nutshell: eco earth substrate, hydroballs and mesh drainage layer, light for the plants as well as a basking light (I use halogen puck lights) for the gecko, a bamboo perch towards the top of the cage so it can bask, at least one care sheet I read suggested that they be fed mostly crickets with occasional CGD.



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that's why I suggested searching this forum. you'll get the answers that people have already spent time typing out. not necessarily any more trustworthy than anything else on the internet.