NZ Native Reptile Facebook Page


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Hey guys, I have recently created a Facebook Page for NZ native reptiles (Naultinus, Hoplodactylus, Woodworthia, Oligosoma), a unique and rare species, some consider the best looking in the world, which are not very well known, they are becoming endangered, and due to their low birth rate, it may be a while before they make a comeback. This is a New Zealand run page, and we love out geckos, the page is dedicated to the care, feeding, and documantation of these animals, and we love to upload photography.
This page is for anyone considering getting any, wanting to learn about them, or just interested in them, we are glad to have you on board.
These stunning critters are almost unheard of, and are very rare outside the country (NZ, and becoming rare inside the country aswell)
The page is run by Two very enthusiastic keepers, and has somee very reputable keepers as members in the group, members who have been keeping geckos for 40+ years in some circumstances.