Help my crestie is not passing a hair

Ok so i have this 21 g crestie baby and he appears to have a really long hair in his vent being an idiot like i am i try to tug it out but it did not budge so idk if i damage something or made it more stuck i m freaking out cause i cant get a vet till tom. And idk if he might die i really scared and have no idea what to do!?


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I know I'm a little late to this thread, but were you able to get this little one to the vet?
It's almost always recommended to not pull a hair out through the vent if they accidentally eat one. You never know what it could possibly be wrapped around in there.
The best way to help it out is to not help. Let the gecko pass it on it's own.
I have short hair but the front is still a little long. I'll pin it all back and make sure I don't have any stray hairs hanging on any of my clothes or where I prepare their CGD.
Let us know how things went!


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the vet is always your #1 choice.

but if it were my gecko, assuming he was acting normally in all respects, I'd likely cut off the part hanging out and see if the rest passes. keep your gecko hydrated.
Thx so much for ur advice guys she passed it fine and I checked her latest poop no blood thank god lol I bet she is fine if something does come up I have a vet on call thx a.