Problem keeping S. macrolepis


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I got 2 S. macrolepis in March. In June, one disappeared from the enclosure. In early July the second one disappeared. They did not escape. I have a 12x12x12 Exoterra that had all its joints sealed with clear tape and kept a juvenile P. klemmeri in there years ago with no escape problems. The enclosure is planted with a bromeliad (among other things), some leaf litter and 3 pieces of cork bark. When last seen the gecko was gaining weight and eating well. The only thing I can think of happening is that some of the small crickets I put in there grew up (and were hiding so I didn't see them at first). After seeing what adult crickets do to a bowl of mealworms, this makes sense to me. I have since removed all the crickets and installed my one remaining S. macrolepis in there.
My questions are:
1. Could the crickets have eaten the gecko (there's nothing at all remaining)?
2. Any way to manage this lightly planted enclosure without having to take it apart every week to search for uneaten crickets?
3. Anything else I'm not considering?