Can anyone help me to identify these morphs?


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Hi everyone!
A few years ago we get some P. Picta geckos, and as the time passed we buy some others like Xanthic male and one interesting but no extra male.
In the last two years me and my father, we was on selectively breeding pictas and I would show them to you, maybe someone can help me to identify the morphs.

In the first... in my opinion, everyone of you had seen a Xanthic Stripe

But we had an interesting baby in one clutch, i show:
IMG_5407 másolat.jpg
IMG_5409 másolat.jpg
So I don't know what is that lighter one.

And we were lucky, we bred this one
Someone told me this is Anery, someone told Axanthic, at this time i call him and his brother "High White"
his brother:

We have a selectively bred line, what we call "Cinnamon"

And at the end, a selectively bred line, we call that "White Face Extreme Wide Stripe"

I really hope you can identify the morphs, if most of them normals, no problem, but in my opinion they are very beautiful.

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