Lagodactylus Conraui/stuck shed


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I was able to get the last few Conraui that a wholesaler had but they were keeping them wrong and a couple have stuck sheds on their feet and are having trouble walking as a result. I got the last 8 and 5 or 6 are now doing great, eating moving normally, active and alert but a couple have me worried. I am not sure if I can do anything that won't make it worse but if anyone has a trick please let me know.


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I have limited experience with day geckos, but I know that unless they're ill, they're very had to handle. If there's any way you can catch them, maybe you can put them for a bit in a plastic container with a warm moist paper towel at the bottom, or even a little water to give them a soak and soften the shed. Hopefully after that they'll be able to pick it off themselves. I regularly pull shed off my leopard geckos' feet, but I wouldn't try it with a day gecko.