Hemidactylus garnotii vitamins?


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I recently had 6 gecko eggs given to me. They were brought from Florida up to N. Idaho where they cannot survive in the wild (not by me). I have had snakes and other lizards before but never geckos. I made an incubator for them and 2 have hatched out. I was then able to identify them as Indo Pacifics. I set them up with an appropriate tank. They are about a week old now and eating well. I've been feeding them fruit flies dusted with Repticalcium with D3 and no phosphorus. I haven't been able to get any pinhead crickets around here, so this is the only readily available food source that is small enough for them at this point. I am working on starting some new cultures so I can keep up with their appetites and eventually will be trying to start some other insects to give them more variety in their diet. My question is, should I be dusting with vitamins, too, like Reptivite? It has been difficult to find information specific to these little guys. Some things I have read say given them vitamins, others say don't. Anyone here have experience with these little girls? Vitamins or no? If so with D3 or not because its already in the calcium? How often? I'm dusting the flies with calcium everyday right now because they are hatchlings, but I'm not entirely sure if that is good or if I should be doing it less often. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!