T.Keyserlingi Pics


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Very cute, looked into keeping these guys a little while back. Are they fun to have around?


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I love their personalities, they are bold and inquisitive. I love the vocalizations (chirps and a bit of a bark) and the tail striations are cool. The "bummer" is these aren't a "play with me " gecko and man are they fast for as big as they get (in my opinion).
I will also say of the subs I have kept (nominate, T.s..Keyserlingi) the Keysers have the strongest personality.


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They're the most 'fun' geckos I've ever kept. The spend a lot of time near the front of the enclosure, just watching what's going on in the room.
If I had to describe them in human terms, I'd say they're like that nosy neighbour, the one who's always watching you, and knows everything you do. Even though I never hold them, don't even touch them, I still think they're the best.

Elizabeth Freer

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Might you record their vocalizations (chirps and a bit of a bark) and share right here? Do both males and females vocalize?

I've always wanted some, but that's not happened.


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Sorry for the delay in replying man, I am actually planning on a good vdeo displaying their behaviors , hopefully without causing too much stress to them. It will likely take some time but I will absolutely post it when I do or a link to it if I can.