Paroedura androyensis New Colony - When is a safe age to send babies to new homes?


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Hello! I am new to this form and excited to find so many Paroedura lovers and being able to see all the different types!

I just purchased a breeding colony of P.androyensis that has a bunch of F1 offspring which began hatching early november.

I am curious if anyone has a clue on whens a good age to get them out to new homes? I have only bred bearded dragons in the past so the gecko world is a fairly new to me, and I know there isn't a lot of information out regarding these guys. These are all eating well and seem healthy and active but obviously these guys are the still the size of your fingernail at 2 months old.

I am also curious how others have house them? In what size groups. I received the babies separated into deli cups which is where they have been since they hatched, but I want to get them into terrariums, I've seen the small bugariums (3 gallon) which I think until these guys hit adolescents, and get a little larger would be perfect to separate them into groups of 2 maybe. My adults are in seperate 5.5 gallons for the winter so the females can catch a bit of a break.

I am in no rush to rehome them, but I have another 7 eggs in the incubator that could be potentially hatching in the next few weeks, so would be good to know when I can start finding some of these little cuties new homes.

Any advice on these guys will be appreciated!