Advices for P. masobe hatchlings


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I'm new here, i've read all post on this section and i'm so glad i can find some advices and informations here even through old post ! Beside of that it's my first post here

I'm getting at the end of the week a beautiful pair of P. masobe (unsexed and CB certified), i'm so glad to put my hand on this species :biggrin: but they 're very small and i know it's not the most easiest species to keep, so i want to do all i can to do the best things for them. And it's very difficult to find many informations about this species on the web..

So i'm here to take all advices you can give me and i know they are some people here who keep them for a long time and are very sucessfull with them.

I'm planning to keep them separately with a 30*30*45 exo terra for each until they are getting bigger.

For the T° :
- a 23°-24°C for the day (with a heat cable with thermostat)
- drop to 19°-20°C for the night

For the Hygro :
- 70%-80%

Substrat :
Big layer of Coco earth and pet moss

Lightning :
UVB 2.0

Other :
of course some dark hidding spaces, wood and cork pieces, plants

1) I'm going to spray the terra each morning and evening the ensure the level of hygrometry but i wanted to put an automatic misting system, do you think it's an obligation ?? If it is could you tell me which model do you recommend ? i've read some bad reviews about many and i'm planning to try the "Trixie Reptil Rain", if you have advices on this point it would be perfect.

2) For the plant, it is an obligation to put live plant in the terra ? i'm really open about it but in the first time could the plastic plants do the job ?

3) For the food, the seller told me that they are not great eater they just have small apetite, but could you tell me more about the frequency and the number of pray they should eat normally ?

4) Finally, do you have advices or experiences about the heating system or temperatures ?

I know they are many questions and excuse my english i'm from France i try to do my best ! And i really want to do the right thing for this little beauties.

Thank you very much in advances for your answers !