Sphaerodactylus species and combinations

irian jaya

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So i have this 15,7 x 23,5 x 39,9 cm cage.
I remembering reading at some point that some had the combination of dart frogs or tree frog with them. Cant remeber witch one it was.

Really hope people could help me out if they feel like this woud work Sphaerodactylus with either dart frogs or Tree frogs.

Hope this forum is still active as soon ill be heading to a Reptile expo.

Of course cage will be a natural style vivarium/terrarium.



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Welcome to GU. I do keep Sphaerodactylus as well as tree frogs, but not together. I'd be worried about the following:
the gecko becoming dinner for the tree frogs (I had a juvenile that I think may have been eaten by crickets in the enclosure that got too large!)
the gecko could possibly drown in the water feature that you'd need for dart frogs.
I think a more reliable gecko to keep with dart frogs (because I've seen it done) is the parthenogenetic mourning gecko which is also more arboreal than Sphaerodactylus so there will be less habitat sharing.