Two new frog eyed geckos, 1 dropped it's tail, substrate question


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I just got 2 russian frog eyed gecko's by mail, a breeding pair. The male dropped it's tail while being packaged up which the seller was kind enough to contact me about and ask me if I still wanted them.

My question is, because I had this 40 gallon setup all prepared for them with eco-earth mixed with washed playsand. Actually 2 questions:

1. Should I move the mail to an enclosure without loose substrate for a few weeks to avoid infection?

2. If so, then should I move the female (has her tail) with him to avoid possible issues due to re-introducing them later on?

The female is enjoying her burrowing and is digging like a gerbil.


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I find that usually the dropped tail wound closes up pretty fast so I think he'll be fine on the substrate.