Dubia roach colony free cleaning crew went on strike?


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I just bought and started a dubia roach colony. I've been cutting up and placing apples and slices within the bin and leaving them for a good week. The roaches came with dermestid beetles and larvae. What the heck are the chances when I threw out the rotting apple bits that I also threw out the larvae and a few beetles. :-?


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I would advise against leaving food for a week. It will rot and it will make problems not only for DUbias, but also for the pet, who will feed from those Dubias. The best thing would be to clean everything in Dubias container, give them new hiding egg cartons, and move there clean Dubias without parasites. Feed them 1 times a day in small portions, so they finish everything. If you have a large colony - try to calculate the food for them. It's better to give food at night, when they are active. In the morning remove all remaining food - keep them clean and fresh.

When I bought my Dubia colony 60 grown ups, I got them with a substrate from the shop, with tons of parasites. It's not good for the colony, so I manually moved Dubias one by one to another clean container. I make it since then each week.

It's better to give the food at 1-2 regular spots inside the container, not everywhere. Dubias learn where the food is, and go there to eat. This way you will also see how much reamined and remove it before it rots and develops bacteria. They also learn feeding hour, I give food around 9pm, so you can see them all sitting by the food spot waiting ))))))) Feed them every day, keep them clean, and the colony will grow fast.
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Yea the roaches do kinda grow on you when you pay attention to them. Peeking out and running back into hiding. Or coming out right after you place food. And oops about the rotting apples. Was trying to stress them out as little as possible by leaving enough food to forget about the container for awhile.

And about parasites. I thought the demestid beetles amd larvae were exactly that at first and started throwing them away until i went on google. A few larva survived the massacre and grew but they all disappeared suddenly. They clean the container automatically so you dont have to as often. I also heard if food became scarce they would hunt the living roaches so thats also why i left so much food for so long.


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I wouldn't want dermestid beetles for anything. The beetles can escape and infest your house. They'll end up eating anything that's of animal origin, including leather and wool.
I know somebody who found them in beef jerky that was stored in a pantry.