A few questions on dubia and cricket feeders


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So I've been caring for crickets since I got my leo, and I never had a problem with any phroid flies, but today I got a batch of a 100, and I set up their critter keeper don't have exact dimensions but it should be like 12 in L, 6 in W, 8 in H. I put their food and water. Left it alone went to do the same for the dubias. I checked the crickets about 30-40 mins later and I spotted a few flies I was confused. I made sure there were no dead crickets before adding egg cartons.

Now for the dubias I'm just feeding them a simple diet of carrots, oranges, and apples. I'm thinking about adding romaine but I've seen lots different opinion and not a solid on if its safe to eat cus I've also been told not to give them iceberg so I'm wondering if the same thing applies to romaine. and if anyone doesnt mind sharing a home made recipe of some sort they conducted it would be appreciated :biggrin:

Also I'm not too sure what size roaches to feed the gecko i feel like anything bigger than 1/2 inch nymphs are too big. my leo is around 7 in don't know if the size of the gecko matters :? and whats the biggest size roach an adult leopard gecko eat ?

Leopard leopard

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A leopard gecko can eat anything that can fit between its eyes but you could also just feed a lot of smaller insects. An adult leopard gecko should be able to eat an adult cricket or Dubia roach without much trouble.

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It really does depend on the size of the gecko- my male leo has been able to eat adult male dubias but I don't feed them to him anymore cause they're kinda rough going down. I usually go with larger nymphs- sorta close to adult size but not quite there. What Leopard leopard said is good ^^^ anything bigger than between the eyes is gunna be hard to swallow.

As for the dubia feedings I buy pre-mixed diet from a local breeder called Royal Roaches that they go ham over and supplement it with fruit. Earlier stocks of dubias needed a substantial amount of fruit in their diets for breeding so I would definitely recommend plenty of fruit. I'll link you an article that I find really helpful: https://dubiaroaches.com/pages/what-do-dubia-roaches-eat