Lighting and plants questions


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So, I'm planning on getting couple of mourning gecko's (my first reptiles). I've been reading tons of care sheets about them and I feel comfortable I know most of the stuff. However there's still couple of things I haven't seemed to find a good answer. I'm going to house them in 45x45x60cm Exoterra with living plants and at least springtails.


I went to the local pet store and got suggested a SolarStinger SunStrip 70 Fresh led system instead of the Exoterra's top system with Natural Lights, which I had in mind. As he showed it in one of the tanks there it really seemed to make a difference regarding the brightness of the tank. So I came home and started to do some research about those lights. Ending up with the following conundrum.
That suggested system is ment for aquariums and doesn't seem to contain any UV. How big of a problem will that be regarding geckos' vision?
There's also a reptile version of the light, but that's half as bright as the aquarium one but does contain UV. And the brightness was really the main reason against bulbs...
Maybe I could get the aquarium one and then find an extra UV light if you think that's necessary?


Pet stores plant's were limited to pretty much two vines and ten different kinds of bromeliads so I went to a proper garden shop to have a look and ended up with some really nice looking options. Took quite a bit of googling but I managed to figure out for most of them if I can use them or not. There's still couple of plants that I've not found any mention (or one with contradicting mentions). The names are latin that were in the label in the shop. I do not know the names in English...

Polyscias Fabian and Polycias Ming
Clusia Rosea 'princess' (this was listed by only it's Finnish name Klusia, but I think this is the latin name)
Asparagus plumosus (=setageus)

Anyone know if those are okay to use or not? Especially the Polycias ones I would like to use. Last one is the one that was mentioned couple times as something people (can) use but it was also in at least one list as toxic.

Thanks if you're still reading and a special thanks if you take the time to answer! ;)