Getting a baby Chinese cave gecko and have a few questions!!


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I'm sorry this it so long but I'm getting a Chinese cave gecko hopefully this weekend (I already put the deposit down). But I want to know everything I need to before bringing him/her home.

I have a leopard gecko. Which I've heard basically have the same care expect the temps, humidity and substrate.

So my list of questions.

Which is better coconut fiber or coco husks?
How deep should I make it?

Do I feed them the same as I would a baby leo? For 15 minutes.
Can they eat all the same things leos can?
And do I use the same supplements and schedule?
I use the list in these threads.

Do I start out with a 10 gallon and later put him/her in a 20?

I'm assuming I do not need a humidity cave since the whole tank will be humid?

How often do I completely change out the substrate?

Do they need an under tank heater at all? Or should I get one just in case and not plug it in unless needed?

Do babies require different temperatures then adults?

I want to get a fogger for the tank which one should I get?

Thanks in advice for the help!!