crested gecko eye trouble!


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Hi there, my son got a crested gecko about a month ago so we are very new to the gecko world. over the course of the last few days he has developed a weird 'bubble' on his eye. from my research it looks like a 'retained eye cap'? we have been extra misting him and giving him 'saunas' but it doesn't seem to be helping. does anyone have any ideas? unfortunately, none of the vets in our area take care of geckos...


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I have no idea :sad: I really hope you figure this out! Prayers to you and your little gec! Good luck! :sorry:


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I'm not sure that's a retained eye cap? if it is, the increased humidity should help, but perhaps not before the next shed cycle. I'd keep it up and watch it.
unfortunately, it's also possible that it's an infection or growth. if it gets more swollen or starts to ooze anything, I would be very concerned. have you contacted your local vets directly?