worms in poop


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Hello! Yesterday my crested gecko pooped on the carpet and something alarmed me, WORMS!!!! Along with the poop came a yellow liquid (can be seen in image) I did some googling and saw that her poop looked a lot like the poop of other geckos infected with pinworms

But i couldnt find answers to the following questions: What causes the pinworm infection, how did my little pal get infected with this? What are some other symptoms? Which indicate a severe issue? How harmful can this be to my gecko and is death a risk? Can it go untreated?IMG_7049.jpg

Heres some general knowledge

I'm not sure of her age, petco didnt tell me when i got her. I also dont know if shes a boy or a girl, because i dont know her age and there hasnt been any bulge growth im assuming its a girl. i also havent weighed her but she is 2.5 inches snout to vent and 5 inches including her tail. She only eats repashy CDG, and i have her in a 12x12x18 terrarium with a mixture of exo-terra plantation soil and reptibark as substrate. I live in relativley cold area especialy this time of the year, it can get quite dry in her tank. I mist about 2-3 times a day. She responds well to handfeeding. There arent any other pets in the house. She also shed just the other day, it was a complete shed. I'll attach a recent image of her as well as her poop from yesterday.



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Welcome to GU! Chances are she had pinworms before you got her. There are several possibilities:
--some people say a gecko can get pinworms if the feeders have them (I'm not sure about this either way)
--often geckos in pet stores are pretty crowded and if one is affected then they all get affected
--sometimes a gecko has a normal parasite load but if stressed, the parasites multiply

If you can arrange a reptile vet visit you will get some deworming medication which should take care of the problem if used as directed.