Best way to tame?


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Hi all!

So I have 3 giant pacific geckos/vorax geckos. Two are adults and one is a juvenile. They are all kept in separate bioactive vivs and are doing really well.

Now, I've been working on getting the adults to be okay with me, and they will now tolerate the presence of my hand, and one will occasionally eat from my hand. But they are super flighty and nowhere near ready to be picked up. In fact, I'm starting to think they never will be. This is fine, I just want them comfortable enough with me so that when I do need to go into the tank, they don't get stressed out, I don't mind not being able to handle them as long as I can still check them over, if only from a distance.

Now, the baby... I would really like to tame her so that I can handle her. I kept her in a tub for a few weeks then moved her onto a small bioactive tank. As soon as I open the tank she runs to hide, and she is impossible to catch. She doesn't come out to eat from my hand at all. She's way better than she was (she used to run and hide as soon as anyone even walked past) but I was just looking for some tips on how I can tame her? I feel like I will have more of a chance with her as she is a juvenile.

I'm thinking of moving her to a tub whilst I tame her, so I can catch her more easily and remove hiding spots... would you recommend this? It feels a little mean removing her from her nice natural enclosure, so I would like people's thoughts on this and tips.

Thanks in advance!


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Just keep doing normal stuff, like feeding her, talking to her, slowly passing by, gentle cleaning. Give it lots time. As she grows, you keep visiting her, hopefully she'll calm down , slowly come out.
If she scary now, pulling her out of her safe spot, knot going help. Idea is for her be comfortable enough with her surroundings and you, feels it's okay look around .


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I'm so excited I just had to share!

So I had a breakthrough with one of my adults, she was wandering around the front of her tank, she was fine with my presence so I opened a door. I slowly placed my hand in front of her. She sat and stared at it for a good minute, then climbed over my hand and continued on her way!! It seems like such a small thing but it's a BIG deal for a gecko that has only ever been handled by previous owners in a stressful manner, and used to hide when I walked in the room! I let her be for a bit then I very slowly tried to stroke her, super gently on her back, and she let me! I'm so happy, thank you for your advice :D It's been slow going but we are getting there!