Yellow Urate

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Hey! I am new on here and not quite sure how to navigate the forum yet but, I have had my leo for a couple months now and things have been going amazing. He is the perfect weight, eats really healthily and seems very happy. Recently one of his urates was a little yellow, but only about 1/4 of it and since then theres been a couple others that have also been semi yellow. I have been trying to read about it and have heard a lot of different answers regarding why it might be like this. I haven't changed anything about his diet since I got him and he always has fresh water. I don't know if its too many vitamins or not but I am curious to know if anybody would have any answers for me. Please let me know, thanks!

Cricket Gut Loading:
Hi-Cal Cricket by Monster Diet and Fluker's Orange Cubes

Small dish in Vivarium with Repti Calcium by Zoo Med without D3
Occasional/once a week dusting of crickets with D3, also by Zoo Med

If you need any other details please let me know!!! Thanks.
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