Lower Lip Damage


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Hi all,

It's my 'problem' gecko again... :roll: (bless her!)

So my gecko has what appears to be a bit of skin/scales missing on her lower lip. She had mouth rot a while ago and this was the area I first saw the yellow gunkiness. Mouth rot is all clear but she now has this 'bald' patch. I wasn't sure if this was down to the mouth rot (as it was caught super early and cleared up quickly) or from her nose-rubbing, which I noticed her doing recently.

When I noticed her nose rubbing I immediately covered the two glass sides and now cover the front of the glass when she's particularly active, and I no longer see her pacing + rubbing her face on the glass.

So, my question is- does it look like the skin will grow back? Or is this permanent damage? It's a little pink on the photo but now it's just like white skin.



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that looks like scarring, but if she's rubbing her nose it could easily turn into another wound. does she have a lot of cover? how big is her cage? can you post a photo?


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Just an update, I increased plants + décor and she no longer rubs her nose :D Thanks for the help! It's healed up nicely.