Beerded dragons


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My advice, save save save money! Your gonna need a lot of things for a bearded dragon, and even if you calculate a amount, save more. Just do it. Your gonna be glad you did, and even if you end up staying within budget, hey thats awesome, but when I bought a bearded dragon, there was PLENTY extra costs

Elizabeth Freer

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Do I need a 40 gallon tank for one bearded dragon?

Where would be the best place to get a bearded dragon tank?

I just found an excellent care sheet especially for you written by a veterinarian who lives in the United Kingdom! :biggrin:


The best option is to build your own wooden or melamine enclosure. You'll find many details in her care guide.


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I have my bearded dragon in a 40 gallon, but a 40 gallon is the absolute MINIMUM. Can’t be any smaller


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Depends on the gecko, but in general, beardies LOVE attention from their owners, and thrive on interaction with them. They require a bit more work than say, a crested gecko or a leo; they require a lot more space, temperature requirements are higher, they eat more - both bugs and fruits/veggies, and I believe they need correct UVB lighting as well. But man, if I had the space and setup for one, I would really consider it. They make great pets!