Post deletes when adding tags?


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Every time I've ever attempted to add tags to a post, the whole post deletes itself. This is especially annoying since I tend to write long and detailed posts, only to have them delete as soon as I add a tag. I post so infrequently that I never remember not to until its too late. Is there any fix to this? It happens on all 3 of my computers/laptops... :(


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I've never heard of that problem.
Are you tagging people, or adding topic related tags?
Does it happen with one tag, or are you adding several?

Elizabeth Freer

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This might be related: Trouble Titling New Threads

I "only" title the + New Thread -- so I suppose it's "topic-related tags". In a "normal" title it seems like many words morph into "tags". :razz:

Open 2 tabs side-by-side
Type the + New Thread's title on the first page with some brief message like "XXX"

Open a 2nd and separate page right next to the first
Enter ALL the text you want on that page
Copy ALL the text

Submit first New Thread with the "XXX" text message
Then quickly open Edit Post (XXX thread)
Do a Paste over the XXX with the text from the second page

That has worked for me many times.
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