Heating for vertical tanks


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Hello, first time poster here. I am currently making a vertical tank from a 40 breeder for my halmahera gecko. Once it is turned however the top will be glass. How should I go about providing heat through the glass. Will a heat lamp susspended slightly above the glass or even just on the glass with a lower wattage be safe or do I need a ceramic heat panel or heating pad to heat the enclosure. An help is greatly appreciated. I wanna find out what I'm getting into before I go cutting and glueing on a tank.


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Welcome to GU! If you keep your home relatively warm, you may not need any extra heat at all. I don't use extra heat for my crested geckos, gargoyles, leachie or bearded dragons. I do heat my red eyed tree frogs by taping Zoo-Med heat cable on the back of the enclosure. Here's a Gecko Time article about halmahera geckos:
Halmahera Gecko Care - Gecko Time - Gecko Time