Spare 75 Gallon (Like new) I want to put to use: Questions


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If doable. I have a few ideas:

1. I can leave it laying horizontal (48x18x21H). section it off into 2, maybe 3 compartments for 2-3 gargoyle geckos. Question regarding that is, if I use plexi-glass...they can climb that kind of glass surely? Just like they stick to regular glass.

2. Sit it up vertically and make it a 21d x 18l x48H enclosure for a leachie..If anyone knows how to achieve that converting a tank THAT BIG into a front opening setup, lemme know.

3. Save it and consider another type of reptile. What kind would you all do?


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An adult bearded dragon would do great in a tank that size, if you sectioned it off (horizontally) into 2 compartments you could do crested geckos, with 1-2 geckos in each compartment


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Gargs would do well too, if sectioned off. I do believe they could climb plexi-glass; they can climb plastic tubs, so...