Hatchling gecko help


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I work at a garden center, and recently found some tiny round eggs nestled between bags of potting soil. I knew these bags would be sold and the eggs crushed, so
I brought them home to see what hatched. It was tiny geckos! They are too small to identify right now, so I will ask for help with that later on. I live in Florida, so maybe that will help with I’d. So, I have a 10 gallon aquarium with a screened top, and I planted it with some little plants, put in a food dish, etc., everything I thought a gecko would need. Initially, I fed them the tiniest crickets that I found in the yard after mowing. They ate them, and now
I need something else. A clerk at Petsmart convinced me I needed gnats, as well as a day light and a night light. I want to keep them inside, but it’s air conditioning, so prob. too cold. Anyone have ideas for indoor gecko care? I had snakes, turtles, squirrels (LOTS of squirrels!) as a young person, but never hatched geckos! Very cool, and I want them to be healthy and happy! Any thoughts are appreciated!

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It sounds like you are on the right track. Here is a quick list of my suggestions:
- Escape proof enclosure (I suggest weather stripping)
- Lots of plants and branches for climbing
- Daily misting (do not keep them wet though)
- Daytime temps in the 80's, depending on the species
- Lots and lots of tiny insects. Fruit flies and bean beetles are easy to culture an prolific. Tiny crickets are good too if you can get them. Dust the insects with vitamin powder.

Once you figure out what species you have, you can research them thoroughly and make adjustments to your husbandry as needed.


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If you can't posts pictures, could you describe the geckos? It helps to get an idea of what they could be, so I can move this thread to the proper subforum. That way you'll get more detailed care info. Right now we can only generalize, something that might end up being completely wrong for that particular species.