Gecko eats anything other than insect


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Uh so i have a question. Can house and morning gecko eat anything else other than an insect? I'm asking this because I've been monitoring the gecko around my house and i noticed weird things. I think they evolved into eating anything here. I put rice on the table as a bait and i saw a mourning gecko ran towards it and ate the rice
It's very odd. And that's not the only time. Every time i put something on the dishes with abit of food left on it i always see a house gecko go towards it and ate some food scrap on it.

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That is odd. I keep Mourning geckos, and they readily eat pangea, in addition to insects. I've never tried rice or anything, though. I doubt that it's good for them.
I've kept a couple of species of Hemidactylus in the past, never saw them eat anything other than insects.


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I can confirm and agreed what RayGamer said, I have seen with my own eyes the house gecko eat the rice or even sometimes anything on the table, especially leftover, not forget any drink that left open for too long could be as targeted as well.

If you take a look at the list of food here, higher protein and calcium within worm or insect is good for gecko, I guess maybe its natural urge for the gecko to find some vitamin or nutritious value in some food. They can smell and find something naturally. This is my personal opinion, maybe it is totally wrong.