Conk Mushroom as a naturalistic shelf?


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Hello! I am completely new to this. I am building my first vivarium and I want to use some conk mushrooms I have as natural looking shelves. They're ganoderma species and I collected them from the central coast of California. They have been drying for 2 years and are probably "dead" but the spores might last longer than I'm thinking. I'm undecided on what to put in my tank when it is built, but I'm thinking crested, day gecko, or red eye crocodile skink.

Has anyone tried to use a dried mushroom as building material before? Its going to be humid and warm in there so I worry it might start rotting, or it might be anti fungal because it's a, you know, fungus. They are woody to the touch and seem pretty solid and would look really cool. I suppose I could buy a synthetic conk but using something I collected myself seems cooler.


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How about if you put the dried mushrooms in a trial tank and mist it daily to see what's going to happen to it when it's exposed to the conditions you'll need for your reptile?