Lygodactylus Williamsi Lighting Dilemma - Request help


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Hello all,

First time poster here from Holland! Also just posted my intro in the introduction section!

I have a question regarding a Lygodactylus Williamsi terrarium I am currently building up. So far Im in the gathering stage, I want to build the terrarium, including lighting, rain system etc and have it run for a month at least before putting any animals in, including monitoring temperature and humidity.

Now I am a bit wondering with the lights. There are a few factors that I want.
I live in Holland so in the winter it can drop quite a bit in our apartment, so I need at least a ceramic heater hooked onto a thermostat during the night. Additionally I have a Aquarium LED hood that I prefer using because it's bright and I like the type of light it gives of.

Now the query, for Lygodactylus Williamsi I need the following, dayheat, UVB and nightheat.

I have 2 key points that I want to achieve:

1. To use the LED hood that I have. Additional advantage is I can put a fade timer in between made for aquariums, which simulate sunrise/down.
2. To have all light nicely Put Away and not in domes on top of the env. (something like the Reptisun LED/UVB Hood)

Being able to set a different timer on the ceramic heater for night heat. So not something like the Exo Terra Compact Top, which has all fixtures on 1 cable.

Anyone else any ideas on what I can do to put this away all nicely? And to avoid the exo-terra-with-domes-on-top look The terrarium itself is 60*40*80cm (LxWxH), so it's not that deep.

Would love to get some points on this.

Thanks all!

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Anyone? If Im making a wrong decision somewhere, then I'd also like to know. Im still debating if I should go with Klemmeri of Phelsuma.

In any case, I will not get the animals before I fully understand the needs, so I hope someone could help me.



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Anyone? Is this forum a bit dead? I also don't see a lot of activity going on in the other threads

Elizabeth Freer

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Anyone? Is this forum a bit dead? I also don't see a lot of activity going on in the other threads
Hi Maarten ~

Unfortunately Geckos Unlimited was far more active in the past than it is now.

Perhaps these care sheets give some relevant lighting specs. Try GU's search function too.

Here's a care sheet on Lygodactyus williamsi.

Here's a good care sheet on Phelsuma klemmeri by Joe Farah:
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I saw this thread and would of helped but I am new to geckos and I only have had a leopard gecko for about three months, so sorry no exp.