fake rock ledge


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hey, I recently made a really cool fake rock ledge and wanted to share it, here is how to make it.

first useing carboard cut out a few ledge like peices and glue them together.

Second use mod podge or something of that sort and cover the ledge with clean sand.

finish that and then brush off any loose sand so that it can not pose a risk for impaction.

after that glue some suction cups or magnets and stick it in your tank! hope you try this:biggrin:

Elizabeth Freer

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Good to experiment designing cage furniture for your leo!

Have you ever used styrofoam sheets as a base? That might be more durable than cardboard.


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I tried cardboard because I did not have any styrafoam, and almost everyone has old carboard boxes lying around, the cardboard is sturdy enough because you layer more cardboard on top of it, you just need to not use the really thin stuff, you can also make more realistic slate and sandstone rock then with styrafoam. its also very light weight.