Pinhead crickets as food.


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How do you feed baby/juvenile dwarf geckos pinhead crickets? They are in a 18" exo terra cube (fruit fly proof...yes it is large for a gecko smaller than your pinkie). Do you let them free roam? Put them in deli cup? Combo?


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when I feed my gecko crickets I take him out of the cage, put him in a tub and let the crickets out, this lets him actively chase down the crickets and it makes the crickets have no place to hide, if you feed her in the cage then they may run and hide where your leo can't get them and then come out and nibble on her.


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I've had a number of dwarf geckos including juveniles and adults. I dust the pinheads (I shake out the egg crate into a small cup with some calcium in it) and then tip them into the cage. The geckos have all grown and thrived and hunt better than we think.