Sealant Or No Sealant? - DIY Background


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Hey guys,

I'm looking into creating a custom background for my Leo, hoping to use up some more vertical space rather than just the floor. I've seen a lot of great DIY backgrounds that use expanding foam and grout and am considering it as a serious option.

What I can't seem to find out is a definitive answer on whether sealant is needed or not. Lots of people seem to use mod podge or silicone covered in coco fibre over grout, though I've seen some amazing vivs that have just paint covered in clay (like excavator clay) over grout.

Are there pro's and cons to both? I'd really like a semi-rough, rocky texture so not sure about sealant, hence my asking.


Kevin S

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The silicone is only used to adhere whatever substrate or material you are using to the foam. It's not needed for any other purpose.