CGD: Pangea Fomulas and L. Lugubris


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Does anyone have any success/experience/thoughts on feeding certain Pangea CGD formulas to Mourning geckos?

Specifically, any thoughts on the Breeding and Growth formula.

I figure since Mourning Geckos are prolific egg layers, would the breeding formula benefit them? Or would it not make much of a difference?

I currently feed Pangea Apricot (Orange colored packet) and supplement gut loaded dusted pinhead crickets, and I leave a capful of calcium in the viv so they can self-regulate.

I've heard that there are people who feed ONLY CGD and am also curious about the success people have had with that.

I'm trying to determine an optimal diet for my little colony so any thoughts are greatly appreciated. :)

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Welcome to Geckos Unlimited, TheLuckyMuffin!

I highly recommend Pangea's Complete powdered diets + very small crickets for all your mourning geckos. Pangea's Complete Diets are well balanced.

I don't have any experience feeding them Pangea's Breeding and Growth formula.

I suggest dusting mourning geckos' crickets with Zoo Med's Repti Calcium with D3 @ 1 feeding per week.

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Thank you! I'm glad to be here. :)

I already feed one of Pangea's complete diets. My first Mourning is actually from Pangea. :) She is lovely and for the most part tame. She'll come right up to me sometimes.

Pinhead crickets are the main feeder I use. I feed them out of a small dish in the viv because I don't want the geckos to accidentally ingest substrate. I work at a veterinary clinic and am very familiar with the dangers of obstructions. :(

I also have a fruit fly colony I started for when I have baby geckos. I know I can feed fruit flies to the adults too. But fruit flies are kind of expensive by me.

I always dust my feeder insects before giving them. I use Calcium with D3 and without D3. Though I've heard a lot of differing opinions regarding D3...

I think I will give the breeding formula a try. It seems like it would be a good idea.

I might also try a different flavor than the apricot one I am using. See if they like any of the other ones. :)

Thank you for your thoughts. I actually read your care sheet a while back when I was looking into getting Mournings. It is very helpful. :)
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