Slate tile sealer


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We have 3 leopard geckos in our home in different types of enclosures and I have them all setup up on Natural Slate Tile with a thin layer of play sand underneath. They have under tank heaters running off thermostats and all are very happy and healthy.

My issue is my wife is very sensitive to odors and one enclosure in particular is in an area she walks past often and she complains about some odor. The issue is natural slate tile is porous and seems to hold some fecal odor. I spot clean the tile with damp paper towels every day or two and remove the tile for deep cleaning every other week. The area on the tile that the geckos go on after a few weeks start to hold some of the odor.

I have soaked the tile in hot water, cleaned with a variety of cleaners from vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, simple green, bleach and even bake the tile after cleaning. The odor seems to go away, but as soon as the heat mat heats the tile back up the odor leaches out. I have been replacing the tile monthly but honestly I have to cut the tile each time which is a pain and now none of the local stores stock 12x12 slate tile only 12x24 and its much more expensive over $100 since they only sell by the case.

I really don't want to go to paper towels sine I like the enclosures to look more natural, so I am faced with going to a ceramic like tile that is sealed or trying to find a sealer for the Slate tile that won't hurt the gecko.

Anyone use a sealer before?

I have though of trying to cut it so the area he goes on is a separate smaller piece of tile that is easier to clean or replace but the seams can be an issue for feeders to hide and or fecal material gets down in the crack and I have to pull up all the tiles to replace the sand.
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Mine only uses one corner of his cage for his "toilet" area, so I cut 6x6 inch squares of yoga mat that I put in that corner and change out daily (or whenever he uses them). I rinse them off to get the immediate smell gone and then every Sunday I toss all the dirties in the washing machine and wash on hot.

If yours are only using one area you could put a ceramic tile just in that spot or make your own pee-pads like I did. I still soak all the tile once a month in diluted chlorhexidine when I disinfect - it helps with the smell and disinfects.


I use a textured, sealed ceramic tile. Much easier to keep clean and sterilize. I didn't go with Slate precisely for the reason you mention above. Most sealants are quite toxic. I can't really suggest anything that way. I would suggest you go for a sealed, textured ceramic tile.