Gecko with injured toe


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Hi everyone!

We've been keeping two female Coleonyx Mitratus for a year now. One of them loves to hide in the water dish - it is usually covered with a lid and it forms a neat little cave, and somehow she just about fits in there. She probably feels really safe there and it's her favorite spot, so I've just accepted that she likes it there. Attached a couple of pictures so you can understand what the set-up is like, in case the description was confusing.


Anyways, today I went to change her water, removed the top part, and she wasn't there (which is also normal, sometimes she likes chilling elsewhere as well). However, there was a lot of blood in the water dish! I got really scared and started searching for her, finally found her in a different spot. We took her out of the terra to examine her and noticed that one of her toes on her back right foot seemed injured, which was probably where the blood came from. Other than that, she seemed fine, and she is moving quite normally.


I read on the internet and found that sometimes geckos injure themselves shedding, do you think this could be the case here? We also soaked her legs for a little bit in case there was some skin still stuck, although I'm pretty sure there wasn't any. I'm still a bit worried about her though.

Do you think she's going to be fine? Is there anything else we could do to make her feel better? Do you think this injury was due to shedding, or do you suspect something else? We've had them for a year, and I've never seen either of them bleed or anything, so I'm still a little bit shocked and worried.


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I would imagine it's either because she bit her toe while shedding or she got it caught somewhere. I don't think you have to worry. Either it will heal fine or the toe will fall off, which isn't ideal, but not usually a problem. Just watch her to make sure it doesn't happen constantly.