Climate Action: David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, & Greta Thunberg!


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I have a question about seems like everyone now is coming out with silicone items as an alternative to plastic. But is that more biodegradable/recyclable? Yes, using it cuts down on single-use stuff, but if there such a demand for that, and they make tons of it to fulfill demand, aren't we just replacing plastic with silicone?

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Happy 88th Birthday, Lady Jane Goodall!

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"Happy 88th birthday to pioneering British primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall! A trailblazer in the study of chimpanzee behavior, Dr. Goodall is known worldwide for her animal welfare and conservation efforts, and the establishment of the Jane Goodall Institute. She has been named Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and a UN Messenger of Peace. The Jane Goodall Institute, founded in 1977, is a non-profit that works to increase global awareness and understanding about the natural world, and in particular the lives and habitats of primates. To this day, Goodall still travels to Gombe frequently and actively encourages the involvement of youth around the world in conservation work, particularly through her "Roots and Shoots" program."

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Happy Happy 90th Birthday, Jane Goodall!
3 April 2024

This amazing human being, Jane Goodall, is 90 years old today!
Thank you, Jane, for all you've given this world . . . . . .


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Happy 98th Birthday to Honorary Fellow of Durrell, Sir David Attenborough!
8 May 2024


Sir David & Gerald Durrell (7 January 1925 - 30 January 1995) first met in South America over 60 years ago. The two formed a friendship over their shared passion for the natural world.​