Pictus Gecko Setu


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You're welcome.

I have no idea what wattage you'll need to maintain temps in a 10 gallon or whether Paroedura picta bask. That depends upon ambient room temps and involves trials.

In my experience Exo Terra bulbs aren't very reliable.

Will you need night time heat in order to maintain their minimums? If you'll need night heat too, you'll need a ceramic heat emitting bulb, because geckos can see white at night. Perhaps a special thermostat can handle differing day temps and night temps.

I have added a good thermostat to my list and I wanted to ask you about any decent ceramic heat emitter.

Elizabeth Freer

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Please phone the BioDude. If you're still intending to use a heat mat, ask whether this substrate blocks heat from reaching your gecko.

I forgot to mention something about the substrate.

If you have a thickish substrate of some substance that does NOT conduct heat via an under tank heat mat, place several thin slate slabs over 1/2 of it. Heat this slate by the overhead CHE. Heat will be radiated upwards towards your Paroedura picta.

I probably would not use an UTH.