Can you mix mourning gecko(L. Lugubris) types?


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Hello! I am looking into grabbing a few mournings at an upcoming expo, and I was wondering if you could mix types. For example, a type “A” with a Hawaiian.

I would assume that, since they are the same species, cannot crossbreed, and are communal, it would be fine? Like mixing two different morphs?

Thank you!


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I decided to email Pangea Reptiles about the topic, and figured I’d share what they said sonce it’s so hard to find info on the subject :)

Matt (Pangea Reptile)
Dec 20, 6:26 PM EST

“The different types actually do not play well together. We don't recommend keeping them together. They can be aggressive to each other or dominate for food/space.”

Pangea Reptile LLC


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I have 2 types of Mourning geckos in my tank. I have type "A" mixed in with my Hawaiian type and I have no problems. I have egg laying tubes in my cage and some of the girls lay their eggs in the tube and some don't. As for eating the babies, I have bark pieces and plants and I have found babies in my tank. Once the geckos lay eggs in tube, I remove tube and put in 32oz deli cups with vented lids housed with a small piece of plant and sphagnum moss (misted every few days) to keep up humidity. Once eggs hatch, I housed them in deli cups til they reach 3-4 months old by this time I put them in a separate tank til they get large enough to go into larger tank. I feed them CG and dusted flies. Mine seem to like the CG food without water. I also feed variety of baby food with vitamins and D3 powder also. My mourning geckos lay eggs year round with no problems.