Giant day geck not eating


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Hi, I know it is winter currently so I wanted to make sure this was normal and not an issue.

My gecko is apox. 3 years old.

The beginning of winter was as normal, eating everyday, or every other. Its as of late now that I noticed a complete halt in food, with no interest either. Then I was able to get her to eat a little, then a halt again. This being the 5th day now of nothing. Avoiding her heat lamp often and drinking a lot of water.

I didnt put too much thought into it at first because I know winter is a time where animals do this, but when I noticed she appeared to have lost a little weight, the concern came back. The first years she was with us I dont remember it being like this, but I could be wrong. Just to calm my nerves, Im asking here.
No idea if its important but she has awful separation anxiety and has made herself sick because I was away for too long. The cure is always hiding in my shirt or sitting on my shoulder.

EDIT: She has gone under in an underground tube for about 3 days now (I have it up against the glass in a way where I can see in, so Ive been checking up). Breathing fine, moving not often. Seems like a hibernation?
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