Gecko's Eyes Closed? Possible mouth rot? *Urgent*


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Hey all. I recently rescued and OLD fat tail gecko, like eleven years old. Just about a week ago he randomly shut his eyes out of nowhere. I have flushed them out, that got them open. Next day, closed again. I have used MULTIPLE warm soaks in a container, that works but briefly. He can still eat if i bump his cricket into his mouth. He is still pooping regularly and can find his way around pretty easily. He was in a teeny snake tub for the majority of his life, and I upgraded him to a 20gal long. His temps are reading good and the humidity is 55% on the nose. I also have another African Fat Tail that I have kept under the exact same conditions, and she is thriving. I also just noticed earlier when I was inspecting under light that his lips all look pulled back, and I can see his teeth. Could this be mouth rot possibly? Anyway, all help is needed and I appreciate any comments.


Elizabeth Freer

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Thanks for upgrading this AFT to a 20 long. Have you been using a normal saline solution like Blink Contact Lens Wetting Solution to moisten his eyes? Be sure to buy the wetting solution, NOT the cleaning solution.

Please share a full length photo of your gecko, closeups of the mouth, and a picture of his new home.