Mating behavior or aggression


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I recently put my female grandis with my new male. I cannot tell if they are displaying mating behavior of if they are just being aggressive and I should separate them.

I hear chirping coming from the enclosure and am assuming that is a good sign but am not sure. I have seen the female nip at the male and the male respond by biting her kind of hard on the neck. The female then bolted to the other side of the cage, with a little bit of ripped skin on her neck. I have heard they can be rough with each other during mating but am not sure if this is that. I see them near each other frequently but have never seen them on each other/copulating. The female seems to go up to the male frequently and does not appear to be aggressive but to me it looks like the male isn't as interested in her as she is in him.

I put the male in the cage first for a couple of days when he first arrived to let him acclimate then added the female. I have read that you should put them in together at the same time and am wondering if that is the reason they might be showing aggression. The female was laying dud eggs when she was by herself and laid within the first couple of days of being in there but I have not seen eggs since (I haven't looked extremely thoroughly but there aren't eggs where she laid initially. They have been in together since about 2/28, so almost one month.

As for care, they are sprayed twice a day and the temperature is about 75 degrees with a 90 degree basking spot and I have seen the female in the basking spot once. There is also a UV on the cage They eat the Pangea diet I put in for them but I am not sure which one is eating more or less. They appear to be healthy size wise and are certainly both of breeding size (female is about 2 years old, unsure of male's age but he is a proven breeder). They are in a 2 ft tall x 2 ft long x 18 in wide. There are a couple of hides, lots of branches and a large plant. I can attach a photo of the cage if that would help.

What do you think? I apologize for the long post, just wanted to give as much information as possible. Please let me know if there is anything else that might be helpful to know.