Goniurosaurus luii sexing

Joey Spijkers

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Hello everyone!
I've had two G. luii for almost 3 years and I was under the impression both of them were male, as they had bulges and femoral pores. Today I picked up an additional trio (1.2) of this species, and after comparing, my old 'males' look more like the new females, and the new male has some impressively huge private parts. I also read that females of this species have slight bulges as well. I'm now quite sure that my old 'males' are actually both females, but I would like to get confirmation from more experienced keepers/breeders of this species.
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Hard to see on the pictures, But it looks like the upper pic is a male and the other one is a female.
try to take a picture from the side and compare which ones bulge stands out most from that angle.
(males bulge is distinctive)

further info males has between 23-29 Preanal pores.

Joey Spijkers

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Thanks for your reply. I have concluded that the ones in these pictures are both female. The bulges and pores of my confirmed male are a lot more pronounced than these ones. It’s always hard to tell from pictures, angles do a lot hahah.