Is coconut husk dangerous?


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I have an adult female leopard gecko. My current setup has a slate bottom tank with coconut fibre substrate in the hot hide which she seems to love as she digs around and sleeps in it. However, I asked a friend to purchase more for me, and they bought an Exo Terra Coconut Husk brick instead of a fibre brick. Is husk safe? The brick looks as though it has larger pieces (about 1-2cm long) of coconut husk and I'm worried about my gecko getting scratched or punctured by it. I'm not too worried about ingestion, as she doesn't eat anything unless it moves and I feed her from a bowl.

Does anyone have experience with leopard geckos on coconut husk instead of fibre? I can buy fibre if it's not safe.


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It's hard for me to know without seeing it. Once I cared for a gecko for someone where the gecko had dropped its tail for no apparent reason right before I got it. A day later, the gecko passed apiece of walnut shell. The person had been keeping the gecko on crushed walnut shell. The gecko had eaten a piece and I think the pain from the shell piece passing through its system caused it to drop its tail. To be safe, I think you should go for the more powdery one.