Help with Identifying Morph


Before I joined this forum I got an email from the breeder that Asia came from. They said that she looked to be a mac snow but I just don't know about that. Asia was sold as a pet only at the expo.

Leopard gecko morph.jpg


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By the time the gecko is this age, there's no way to know whether or not it's a Mack snow. Snows hatch black and white (instead of black and yellow) and as they age, most of them get yellower. So now that she's an adult and yellow, there's no way to know. I hatched a bunch of geckos one year that were black with very pale yellow at hatching. It was really hard to tell whether or not they were snows (one parent was a snow, so it was a possibility). I ended up selling some of them as "possible Mack snow". Maybe that happened with yours. Regardless, she does seem to be a stripe (i.e. hatched with broken tail and body bands).