new build


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I am starting a new build and want to start right I was today to start with hydroton as a base layer. I was going to use small pebbles that I already had to keep cost down the hydroton is extremely expensive where I live is there a major benefit for it or something compatible? I want to do it right the first time and I am taking a list of plants with me when I go to the store that seem to be very common from everything that I have read on this site so I appreciate everyone that has posted what you have used.


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I used lava rocks at one point instead of the clay pebbles, it worked out pretty well IMO. I use pretty much any tropical house plants that I can get my hands on, make sure you wash the roots thoroughly and place them in un-fertilized soil for up to 8 weeks to leach out any of the fertilizer and chemicals that may be in the soil.