Insects in a bioactive vivarium


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I'm wondering, I want to make my vivarium into a bioactive vivarium. So plants, earthmix arid etc. I'm just curious if I absolutely have to put in the small insects that go into the substrate. I know they help with waste etc. but my leo's vivarium is in my bedroom and I don't really want any other insects in it apart from her feed... that I can see. Can I help the plants grow and the vivarium upkeep without the insects? I appreciate any help.


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You probably won't end up with them for the most part. Most bioactive terrariums have isopods (also called "roly-poly's" or "pill bugs") that have to be purchased or found outside as well as tiny white bugs whose name escapes me at the moment that somehow just appear in the soil. Both these species need more moisture than you're likely to have in the leopard gecko enclosure, though you may find some under the water bowl. Some people who want clean-up bugs in a drier environment would go for dermastid beetles, which, once again, don't just appear on their own. In my experience, they tend to breed a little too well. As long as you make a point of removing the feces and urates, you will probably be OK.