Adventures in Grandis Babysitting


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Welp, it finally happened. My female Grandis that was removed from the big enclosure with her former mate had hatchlings! I felt like a proud Grandis grandparent with 4 healthy hatchlings over the last few weeks. i found homes for the first two and today when moving my third hatchling, it made the great escape and slide into my baseboard heater vent. can't get the vent covers off but was able to block it's escape routes so there is only one way out, currently have a deli cup with a treat inside it and hope it'll take the bait. Hopes and dreams people.....hopes and dreams.


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6:50AM update:

Caught them at 5:30am apparently it must of looked at my trap and decided "nah, not gonna work for me." and was able to avoid it by somehow becoming paper thin and escape the clutches of the deli cup. they had made their way up to the ceiling and had stayed there during the night. when i woke up this morning they were sleeping comfortably when I was able to catch them. Our eyes meet, connection ensued and they are now back in a exo terra tank and i'm sitting at my desk, accepting I was defeated by a hatchling Day Gecko...At least for a little bit.



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Those hatchlings are REALLY cute! I once had a newly hatched banded gecko (they are only 2-3 inches long as adults) leap out of the deli cup and head off across the carpet. Luckily I caught up with it before it made it under the bed.