A Mourning Gecko hatchling was licking me...

Sword of Spirit

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Wild Mourning Geckos (as well as a few other species) sometimes visit/live in my new home. A few minutes ago I found this adorable tiny hatchling on my wall.


I did the hand walking thing I heard about for a while, but unlike the other MG hatchling,this one decided at a certain point that she was going to lick my hand. And then she just kept licking. She moved around and licked different places. Probably went for 4 minutes or more licking me before she decided she was done with that. I had washed my hands since I had last eaten, but it was 89 degrees Farenheit inside today, so there was definitely a sweat glaze on my skin.

Adorable as this all was (I got a minute of it on video)...not to sound like a wimp here, but should I be concerned she's going to climb into my ears or nose while I'm sleeping now if she sees me as more of a tasty salt-lick than a scary monster? (Assuming she hangs around, which she probably won't. Hatchlings usually explore and then go outside where they probably get eaten by one of the myriad of larger creatures.)

And is this normal MG behavior, or is this one just a bit crazy (or maybe I'm highly tasty)?

Elizabeth Freer

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I don't think this mourning gecko would enter your nose or ears.

3 mourning gecko hatchlings were my very first geckos. I caught them in Kauai and brought them back to Seattle. One lived at least until she was 17. Then she escaped from a partially shut enclosure. :(
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